Polish horror: Lokis (1970)

My generation is so easily distracted. Everybody claims having ADHD, and try to sound like it’s a cool thing. Of course, it’s better than having an STD, yet still you have to work on your hypochondria and get stuff done.

And here comes Lokis, which was my excuse for this evening for not learning how would you should say “My daughter will sell cakes” in Esperanto. Mia filino vendis kukojn? — oh boy, who gives a shit if your kid is able to sell something? Actually, I do, since I am too lazy to work and I am totally FOR child labor. Go and sell some cakes my little knabino, if you want to get pano sur la tablo! Mama has some work to do, since these bottles are not going to empty themselves. Parenting is so much fun.

Going back to Lokis – it is dramaticaly slow Polish horror film from 70’s. It’s partially based on a Lithuanian/Polish legendary creature Lokis, half man-half bear and takes us to the fancy XIXth century, to these great times, when Lithuanian villagers lived in trees, charmed snakes and fucked with bears. And I assure you, we still do!

Intentional slowliness usually brings watchers “to the mood”. But it is really hard to keep the right amount of it, since after “meditational concentration”, found in any Bella Tarr film, very easily comes “I just wanna sleep”. Lokis is not a bad example for the later. Even with all my willpower, I couldn’t help but wonder – IS THAT IT? He kills his bride and runs to the woods? Seriously? This is the same monstrous man-bear we are talking about, right?

Of course you have to give a credit for a) The movie being made in Poland. The country has some pretty great SF, yet still horror is quite a rarity comparing to even other Eastern European cinema which comes, let’s say, from Czechia.  b) Movie being made in 1970. No way it would be possible to do something like that in Lithuania at that time. Or even now, for that matter – we are pretty fucked up in a cinematic field. c) So in a way it is a pleasure to see that Poles included Lithuanians in their movie – even though as uncivilized retards as we were at the time.:)

So well, knowing the context, it is pretty good, especially visually. There is so much in the details – even if there is just a mediocre culmination, one can still enjoy it.

A full movie in Polish


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