Movie review: Chillerama (2011)

>> It’s gonna be the hell of a night!

This movie is awesome. Maybe not Troma’s “Poultrygeist”-awesome, but really really nearby that. As it is represented by these 4 fine gentlemen above, there are some gay werebear action (who would have known that this gory shit can be made as a musical, huh?), some problems with a crotch (particularly – a giant spermatozoid which tries to fuck the Statue of Liberty and eats random citizens on the way), a fair amount of time spent mocking Nazis and Jews and, of course, everything happens in an old school drive in outdoor cinema (where we can find not only romance, but zombies, too).

There is no need to say anything more, I guess. It is amusing as hell, there is a decent amount of guts and blood and no subtlety at all. Just like in the ol’ good days. It is really interesting to see how postmodern it is – all movie is basically 4 quotes of classical B genre, varying in the visual style, thematics and soundtracks. What is still left is serious approach, cheesy dialogues and the feeling that just in a minute set will fall apart. Just this time it is all planned – and it was done really well.

Trailer, which gives away a bit too much.


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