Level B2 – light electronics in Vilnius

It is not really appropriate to make a review about an event in which you were involved as an organizer. But I have a good excuse – I don’t actually give a fuck.:) And anyway, I only booked one project there, so it is kinda the same as I was just a part of an audience, amirite.

So well, what  was happening took place just a couple of weeks past the first Level B event, where shit­core mixed with eleg­ant elec­tron­ics, and where one could gaze at the eyes of a milky way of con­tro­versy, just a few minutes before an absurd oper­etta. Glimpse to all of that can be seen here (narrated by Arma in Lithuanian):

The second event was way more calm, with less batshitcrazy performances and more concentration.

Quality electronics + audiovisual experience.

Opening act was by Laimonas Zakas (aka Facebook hooligan Glitchr, who uses unicode to write codes which mess up a bit various webpages, especially FB) and his comrade, beatmaker 96WRLD. For me it was the first time to see live mapping (nobody actually does that stuff anywhere around, and somehow Amon Tobin is not touring here, too:). Actually, it was more interesting for me to see the erm.. videocheck? – preparing for the act, setting up equipment and so on, not the actual performance. It seemed pretty cool to watch the real performance for about 10 minutes, but after that it seemed more like a nice background. I was really hoping that it will be something more.

Somehow, when it comes to visualizations for the concerts, there is a really thick wall in visual field which usually is really hard to break. Most of the time visuals keep being just a mere decoration – which is sad, since there are so many cool artists around. I don’t actually know what could be done about it – how to make visualizations the equal part with the sound? One of the best examples for me was Lithuanian audiovisual project’s fusedMARC live performance, where the VJ was so into the sound and his work that it seemed that at some point he was actually highfiving the wall where everything was projected. So the main thing must be the passion. What else?

On the other hand, 96WRLD did a really great job with jis edgy, yet still somehow harmonic beats. It is really great to know his creations from this very begining – even though he is very young, he is super talented and will definitely go far. So when he does that I will be able to say that I was at his gig before he was superfamous yay.

A short pause and Buvette starts playing, with a visual support from Thomas Koenig. Cool guys in the bar – great artists on stage. Loved every bit of the performance, which was kind of waving – from really easy listening bits to the ones where you wanted to dance. And we did – actually the bigger part of the audience went to the stage and put on their best moves. It is really refreshing to hear a mostly electronic performance which has an actually good strong vocals – a bit  distorted, but not too much. The visuals were crazy in the best “WTF is that” sence –  vivid colors, many action and a bit of irony. One member of the audience called it “Andy Warhol meets drunk Picasso”.  Correct!

A video by Laura from the evening – Thomas totally nails representing Buvette, Arma flirts with VJ Fou, Lava Larva is all green and plays only for 30 minutes + ultramodern rap for true outsiders. All of it and so much more in this hearthwarming documentary about wildlife in Vilnius. :]


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