Name any genre and you’ll be right: Tonstartssbandht

Tonstartssbandht‘s gig was a first concert, which I organized all by myself, like a big girl. I assume, that certain sentiment always go around with this kind of things, even if they do not go well. I was lucky enough, and the event worked out pretty great, mostly because TBT is a versatile and very productive duo.

Learning how to pronounce their title is essential.

What they do is a sum of psychedelia, boogie, rock, noise, chorus and anything else you can think of. The result is  both dreamy and harsh, intense and light.

>>Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? [Weird stories and fun facts are very welcome here. Maybe you participated in recent riots in Canada? Had a collection of light sabers back in school? Played a crazy gig yesterday and want to tell the tale?]

Andy. Ed and I are brothers. When he and I were 2 and 0 years old (respectively) he “mysteriously pushed” me off a table. I don’t blame him though. He was a toddler and I was baby. Tiny brains each. We’ve only become better friends since then. We grew up in Orlando, Florida. Its a very diverse, unequal place, unlike many of states in the slight, important ways that really make a place feel like alternate reality. Enormous amounts of negative and positive energy and potential all over.

>>While listening to your music, one can tell that you had lots of influences from quite a lot music genres. Some people call you noise pop, others psychedelic boogie, some just say “dunno what I just heard and it’s awesome!”. Even though the sound is rich in itself, I was wondering, if there is a message behind it? What ideas you want to share while playing?

Our sound on any particular record is just an artifact of what we we are producing with the means around us. Our ideas and directions tend to be guided by our current interest in techniques, or inspired by brief intense periods of songwriting in certain places and across journeys. I don’t think there is an intentional, guiding message behind our music.

>>What about your side projects, what side of you we can hear there?

Andy Boay represents both an earlier state of my output and a more recent state, separated in time by the formation and growth of Tonstartssbandht. Before Ed started writing and recording music, I just put all of my ideas into my own music. The same amount of personality and thought as the stuff I ended up doing with Ed, just translated through one brain/filter. Now that I have begun performing releasing music again as a solo artist, Andy Boay material is a bit more difficult to define or decide upon, because it may or may not become Tonstartssbandht material, as a lot of our duo music is written largely by one or another. Not sure how, but it continues to come out and I am proud of it.

>>Is lo-fi/ DIY important to you as a concept?

Lo-fi is not important to me. I also don’t think any sort of genre or style such as lo-fi exists these days in any way that someone can talk anymore than the way people say “noise”; anyone can appreciate the beauty of dissonance; everyone who wants to know how to record their own music, whether it be a four-track or a laptop or fruity-loops. However, anyone who doesn’t and wants to deserves to, and anyone who can teach them should. This is more in tune with DIY, which is a philosophy truly worth talking about. The humans necessary and resultant from DIY art produces ideas and art and music worth knowing and appreciating; the more money you put into something, the more it will usually be bland and shitty and horrible and sad.

>>Is there any firm direction in sound/ideas, to which Tonstartssbandht is heading now? What are your plans for upcoming releases/tours?

Ed and I have no idea what direction we are heading. We haven’t recorded anything new in awhile, and have made no new firm plans to produce anything or talked about new directions. If its not an organic process, it will probably suck, so we’ll let whatever happens happen. But when it happens, we will let people know.


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