Video guides with graphic guys : Who said books are not hot anymore?

As you can see from the picture above, I feel slightly proud about those two jewels of my collection and show them off at any given occassion. “I got these books for only 1 euro!”, – I brag, – “This one is full of well-known author’s, Jamoo, insights! He has a book, which rates superstars based SOLELY on his opinion!”, – I add as a legit argument.

Who wouldn’t believe in Jamoo’s taste, when he says he moved to Hollywood with only 200 dollars in his pocket, and a dream. I truly believe, that he had way more tricks in that pocket, because otherwise, who would be he to judge?

Somehow, written word for me always seemed way more legit, than that on the screen. That belief became only stronger after four years studying random social science. “No, you can not give me a copy of your review, you must write it down. With a pen. On a paper”, – once told me a professor, and didn’t let me pass her class, because I handed her a printed copy of my analysis. Who needs technology anyway?

Right. The only thing that you need is education. And education doesn’t mean what you learn in school, uni, or other system. Education is everything you see, hear, read, and think about. Schools and academies teach you how to – surprise! – blend in another, bigger system. Of course, learning the rules of society is essential, since there is no other way, but it is also possible to be in it, but not become a zombie-ish part of it. The main rule here is to think for yourself, do not believe anything, unless you tried that yourself for many times, and be responsible about everything you say. When that becomes a routine, you can try to become the best at what you do.

The more things you know, the stronger you are, because you can compare different opinions and form your own. And even the seemingly random things you know are a part of your own, carefully crafted educational system, which forms you as a person. Any experience can be seen as a lesson, and it should be possible to change any of your beliefs, if you come across a reasonable counter argument.

That change is obvious when you look at the internet. The thing which was trve a week ago, is forgotten now, and the new big thing is here, and, as somebody said, “today, you have to run really fast if you want to be on the same place as yesterday”. That is why books are something like relics of the past – you cannot edit them if the truths has changed – they are the same form and content as they were in the first day. And they stop the time right at the moment when they have been sent to printing press.

Which is why those two books – “Superstars” (published in 1996) and “Gay video guide” (1997) are so fascinating. They contain the news of the old world, where you had to go to a rental to get your VHS tape, and had to read video guide books to know, whether “Full Load: Maximum Oversize” (1988), or “Size Talks”(1990) will be better idea to spend a solo evening. You know, you had to do something to get something. Make an effort. That sucks.

And what doesn’t suck, is the writing style of Jamoo, who is the author of “Superstars”. Remember when I wrote about trying to be the best at what you do? Well, Jamoo tries, and his efforts are worth that one hour, which takes to read the book. He doesn’t analyze – he just writes his impressions, but crafts sentences so well, you actually become interested in the lives of all the “butchs” and “daddies”: “Uncut and hung big, green-eyed Vince comes from Denver, where he dabbled in Satanism and go-go dancing”. Man of my dreams.

Even though there are just a few sentences about each of the boys, you can get the main idea, what meant to be in the biz back in the 90ies. If you have a small dick, do not be bitchy and want to top. Bottoming is the biggest mistake you can do early on your career. True superstars top, and others are just pretty boys with no real acting skills. (And acting skills are essential here).  And even though everything, written in that guide, is just an oppinion of one man, it makes more clear for me about the industry and system inside of it – there are so many roles, there are leaders and suckers, visual codes and rules one shouldn’t break.

Also, there are many pictures of naked men. Can’t top that.

Other book, “Gay Video Guide”, is “a complete, up-to-date insider’s guide to gay erotic videos and CD-ROMS”. And this one is just another example, how reviews should be written. Straight:) to the point, bitchy and hilarious paragraphs about the good and the worst visual pleasures you can find back in the day,  makes me want to watch them all. Probably should use that mail order form.


There is too much irrelevant information, so it is fascinating to find an example, how opinions, which today would be put in a blog and forgotten two days later, were made into history of the 90s. Which is a valuable thing – this way you can see authentic, even if poor, example, of how small segments of the past were working, and get the bigger picture, which you can add to that personal alternative education.


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