SPEIGAS’4 : back to the roots


SPEIGAS (Frost) festival is so far the biggest event, organized by Agharta. Last year, while looking at more than 400 people, who visited the old electricity power plant, which was full of dark ambient, noise, power electronics and witch house,  there were many things which made you wonder – who are all those people? Are they lost? Why there is oil on the floor and who opened that pipe? Why one of the headliners is hitting our sound guy?

Oh, those mysteries!

But among many things, which were surprising, the most important one was the feeling of big community, which is very diverse, just as the festival itself.

On February 8-9, 2013, there will be a bit less diversity, and more concentration to the industrial roots. First SPEIGAS festivals were dedicated to the dark ambient, drone, noise and power electronics, and this year we’ll see 11 brilliant projects of each genre from Finland, Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Poland, Canada, and of course, Lithuania.

In two days, we will hear sick power noise from GRUNT and POGROM,  get lost  in the noise loops made by JAAKKO VANHALA and MAAAA and feel mesmerized by SOVIJUS and GIRNŲ GIESMĖS. And that is just a few names, which will take you out to the wry alternative realities.

Evolving is important for each and every festival. This SPEIGAS will also include a touch of education – sound art workshop from WOUTER JASPERS and lectures of Mikko Aspa of GRUNT and DANILA AKIMOV.

Each SPEIGAS tries to be not only a soundtrip, but also an audiovisual experience – that is why the venues for every festival are handpicked. This time, the festival will happen in legendary KABLYS – former cultural center of railway workers, famous for hosting some of the first alternative events which happened in Lithuania. It have kept the authentic spaces and untouched, raw energy, essential for sound experiments, which will take place during the festival.

Full line-up for both days:

8 th February. 9pm :: drone / ambient 

JIKU 55 (Japan)



WOUTER JASPERS (Netherlands)


SOVIJUS (Lithuania)

SALA (Lithuania)


9th February. 9 pm. ::  noise / power electronics 

GRUNT (Finland)

MAAAA (Poland)


OORCHACH (Lithuania)

POGROM (Lithuania)







Poster art by ALVA AUR


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