Gibberish + Speigas promo


I put this picture of myself, rocking that sweet sweet hipster look sometime circa 2007, as a substitute for the lack of text today. Even though it’s Sunday and Sundays are the no-excuse days for the new post. The reason is that today, instead of writing here, I was working on a webpage for SPEIGAS festival.

Last year SPEIGAS in it’s two stages united both – noises and witch-house, and that’s why we had this clean-cut, yet still a bit dirty (and as I see now, poorly made:), tumblr page. Obviously, I had way too much time on my hands back then, so also made a map of cool places in Vilnius for those 5 foreigners who actually came. We even had a fancy promo video, like a real festival:) :

This year the festival goes back to its roots of dark and heavier sound, so I am going for more stable look and ditch tumblr, because I never actually liked it in the first place. Of course, wp page is not a ‘real’ webpage, but, as my most favourite meme claims,


and  it is pretty easily handled, too. And even though after the (number)th glass of Glen Crinan I want to talk – or in this case – write, non stop, I will contain myself from this disrespect to the audience and just say: GO TO NEW SPEIGAS PAGE. Because the line-up is really good and you should visit us on February.

The version I shared is just a demo, and it lacks a lot of information. Yet still, this will be the look.

If you have any suggestions about how the page should be improved, write me a tip to in the next couple of days, before we start to promote the page. If your thoughts makes any sense, I will probably listen to them and fix the bugs.

Here is some music to make looking for mistakes more fun:


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