Best in Buffet: January


As any other person, I started this year with shitloads of resolutions. The weird thing is that I managed to keep most of them till today. So that idea to make “Best in Buffet” wrap-up post is a must, too. January is close to the end, so it is time to see, what was on the table.


If you have time for only one article, read the text about cultural funding – “Nustebsite sužinoję, ką remia Lietuvos kultūros rėmimo fondas” (obviously, in Lithuanian). Karolis Vyšniauskas articles started to catch my attention a while ago – he is pretty sharp and really involved. Maybe this is how good journalism should look like?:)

If you haven’t got Terror#2 yet, read excerpts from GRUNT interview (Also, in Lithuanian).

My new guru from the other field, yet still: Mark Manson.  Down to earth articles about discipline, minimalism, and even concentrating on the positive stuff in life are something I was devouring for a couple of days. Because he is right.


By the oath of “go to places you never been and meet the people you never met or something WAIT IS THAT A GUY IN A COW COSTUME??”, I spent my Saturday in Yaga Ball (trance music&stuff). Apart from many ideas, how to make organizing events smoother, I also saw the true power of visual part in an event. Most of the people were wearing some kind of fancy outfits, some of them – really crafty hand-made costumes, the old palace of profession unions was changed in one big colourful bubble for beats. Even though all of that is not my cup of tea, the festive atmosphere and  the overall unity was really interesting. Music is a big part, but it is way more impressive to listen to it when the environment breathes the sound through your eyes, too.

I am obliged to say one more time that everyone should go to SPEIGAS, because of reasons. I may never say anything about SPEIGAS on this blog anymore. Haha who am I kidding, of course I will.

Then again, there are some other events to visit on February:

1st, Feb: the right beats in 48 Cechas

8th, Feb: if you do not fancy the noise, on the same day as SPEIGAS the first NORDEN WAVE event will happen. Despite happening in LOFTAS, the swarm of all the hipsters and expensive shitty beer, the fest seems pretty good and I would like to visit it, even if only because of this bad boy, who ruled my playlist for a week or so:


The wonderful duo with the most badass title will come back to Lithuania sometime in May!


I even made a playlist on youtube and named it “Kubin loop”, so I could listen to this song forever. That good:


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