Best in Buffet: February

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Maps are awesome! After this, you will not be able to use profanities like before, bitche (France). And you know what is even better than maps?


I am really glad to finally read something more in-depth about performances in SPEIGAS festival — straight from people who know what they are talking about! Take a look what MAAAA thought about the second day of the festival (in English) and read a review of both days from Siggnal (in Lithuanian).

If I had to choose between the infinite number of 3 reviews of SPEIGAS, written not by performers, one in would be my favourite.  It makes more sense than the one I was ranting about from and it is written without fact mistakes and has at least something close to critique, unlike the one in Of course, there are a lot of debatable moments, but even though I don’t like the guy’s attitude (something close to “impress me, peasants!”), he tries to have some kind of an opinion and defends it.

Another Lithuanian text, which seems interesting – Sharkeen’s guide of what to do if you are a new band. Basically – make good stuff, have a plan and nice visuals, don’t be cheap and you will be ok.

Not a reading material, yet – this guy seems about right:


ZEN DADA event series start from the very first day of March, and it will take you to places:

03-01 :: @ XI20, Vilnius (ask wise people) – ZEN DADA I.

DORCELSIUS seems to be pretty fun – hope when playing live he will do better than he does in the recordings. Other hope is that the lovely FLESH FLASH (Vilnius) guys will show something new. My personal headliner probably is LYS (Vilnius), who just released new cassette in Terror.

 03-09 :: @ Trip bar, Vilnius –  ZEN DADA [2]

I have a severe case of hate channelled to Trip bar, all because some slut (Sweden) once stole my cuba libre there. Also, there is that mild case of sociophobia, and there are always a lot of cool hipsters hanging out in there. Hanging out and stealing my cocktails.

But even the hate will not stop me from going there and listening to that special someone, who is some kind of a local internet legend around here – Latvian guy KODEK. Just visit his webpage, and you will know why. And maybe take a glimpse to one of his videos:

If this is not the right attitude, I don’t know what is.

03-16 :: @ Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius – ZEN DADA [3]

I guess, no need to present percussion master and one of the founding fathers of industrial – Z’EV. Second time in Lithuania, three concerts (first one – in Vilnius, then – Kaunas and Jonava), audiovisual program. Get into the trip:

03-22 :: @ Contemporary art Center, Torun – CoCArt Music Festival

Basically I will go there for SUDDEN INFANT and because being a fangirl in Poland is so much fun. Actually, all line-up seems good: Pierre Bastien (FR), Z’EV (US), Jean-Herve Peron & Zsolt Sores (DE/HU), SUDDEN INFANT (CH), THEME (UK/PL), Yannick Franck (BE), ARMA (LT), PURE (AT). If by any chance anyone I know will be there, let’s meet and be those tourists Torun always feared together!


DEUCE has tagged himself, among other things, as “sexy”, “tropical” and “genius”. Must agree about all of that – “sexy” for that predatory moustache, “tropical” for the song “Eurosport”, and “genius” for such track names as “Stanley Kubrick ate my wife”.

“Please accept my invitation and listen to the music I made during 11 years of my life.

Fortunately there were some hard disk disasters, so there are some tracks missing.

There is a lot of tracks anyway.

Some of them are too long, some of them are too short and some of them are too funny. That was DEUCE.”


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