Beauty of B: The Last Circus is All About Evil

the-last-circus-is-all-about-evilEveryone starts to miss gore from time to time. Two beauties of 2010 – “The Last Circus” (“Balada triste de trompeta”) from Spain and American “All About Evil” was waiting to be enjoyed properly for some time now. And what would be the better time to see some blood and guts, if not the Easter weekend? After all, it’s the time, when baby Jesus is killed and zombie Jesus returns together with his homie,  da Bunneh — a guy, which also happens to be pushing some brown “candy” on the streets. Oh the jolly spirit.

I wouldn’t name “The Last Circus” a true B movie in a Tromesque “shaking camera and effects, which would be lovingly called “special” by your mom” kind of sense. Although, the aesthetics (and by “aesthetics” I mean AWESOMENESS) hits close to the B imagery – sex, violence, gore, death, screaming clowns with machetes and semi-automatic rifles. Yes, did I mention the movie was about circus? There is a man, who, in order to respect the legacy of his father, becomes the Sad Clown and joins the local carnival. There is also a love triangle, because this clown falls for a beautiful acrobat. That was a pretty bad idea, since the girl was with the Funny Clown, who also is an abusive psycho. Those kids, eh.

Even though “The Last Circus” is B-ish, it is not really a fun exploitation flick. I wouldn’t say it is too deep, but it has its moments, and some kind of legit motivation, too — Sad Clown going berserk happens because of the universal paranoia after the Spanish Civil War. War, the darkness and the depression sets the mood to the movie, and the grotesque seems to be in its place. There are some weaker moments in the plot, especially near the end, but the acting, brutal and realistic passion makes up for that. It will be a cult, if not yet.


“All About Evil”, on the other hand, is pure B from the poster to the sewing the lips of chatty librarian aunt. With a needle – and a giggle. Closing of a movie theatre seems to be reoccurring theme in B genre recently (think Chillerama) – and in “All About Evil” this motivator to kill is sparkling with all its glory. Like, who is more desperate than the one who is about to lose everything?

Here we also see the same motive as in “The Last circus” – in order to keep the legacy of the father, sacrifices have to be made. And who else could be sacrified, if not those who commit ultimate sins – speak during movies, use their cellphones, are a crazy-ass stepmom — all of the kind.

Good words must be said about the crew – creepy murder twins and adorable junkie psycho gave the charm to the movie. Also, we see olde goode Elvira playing a role of mom — one era is over, and it is so thrilling to see the new queen of darkness, DeBOrah, trying on the tiara of the ultimate femme fatale. Natasha Lyonne does a truly fascinating job on that – over the top drama, long stares, killing people with bare bands – that’s what Evil (and B genre:)  is all about.



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