Best in Buffet: May

484446_10151693616940802_1796298844_nLast month was intense, but great, because Vilnius was visited by all the lovely boys and gals from this and the other side of the ocean. After some time, gigs start to look more like gatherings of old pals – and that is the beauty of experimental scene. The community and the feeling, that the world is small after all, and it is also full of awesome people.

There are 2 reasons why ‘Murrica rules (there’s at least 1 a boat Canada, too). And those reasons are: PAS, Tonstartssbandth and Holzkopf, respectively.

On April, first to visit was Holzkopf, this time with Botfly, a  fellow drum master from Vancouver. Those guys surely know how to improvise, and this comes from me, a person who firmly believes that improv should be forbidden for most of the musicians. It seems that the secret to a good improvised set is simple: know well what you do, practice shitload together before ever going to the stage. That easy. Sample here:

Some pics –

Also, Jake has a cool interview about the tour!


On the first days of May, PAS, together with Brandstifter from Germany, brought some experimental/ritual on the table. Tables, as they were telling us, were one of the main themes of that tour. And  from a table in Venclovai museum, we got a trip, not limited by structures, more like abstractly constructed positive and spacious soundscapes.  Brandstifter showed that great attitude to music: “does this  thing make any sounds? if not, can I make it make a sound?”, and did solos with balloons, blenders and such.


Just a couple of days after that, boys of Tonstartssbandht were back in town – with new songs and old hits! I was severely snarly that they didn’t play the right “Seriously” version. Who am I kidding, I wasn’t, everything was perfect. Surf, peace and rock’n’roll!

Recording from the gig.


Also, I got to mention the last event of ZEN DADA with the Asian Woman On The Telephone. Psychedelia for dancing with A list visuals:



06 05-07 :: BANGŲ MŪŠA @Vilnius :: noise’n’art

06 21-24 :: Sūpynės :: fest for electronica. A must list: Vatican Shadow, Natten, and CUT HANDS (! )


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