Summer vibes, subtle sounds: SUPYNĖS festival


For the last couple of years, MJR was the only open-air I visit, which basically made me forget, that open-airs are not only about rain and magic. They are about half naked teenagers with perfectly sculpted six-packs, too! Oh, don’t I miss those days, when going to an open air was basically about making out with random people — not about trying to be still awake when the headliner starts playing. At 1 am. Not sure, if I am even trying to still be hip and fun.

SUPYNES festival, which describes itself as “subtle, elegant, smart and dancy”, seemed to be one of the places, where you should go for 4 days — that is, if you actually are hip, fun and fit. Since I am not, I only managed to visit it for 1 day, and actually, I enjoyed everything way more than I thought I will. Hats off to great comrades, fulfilling line-up, and soothing nature. The key to SUPYNĖS – not going far from >LESS< stage.

As for “smart and dancy” part, I can only talk about Sunday – and Sunday was both.

ŠVENTINIS BANKUCHENAS – a smartass, who mixes sardonic poetry/rap/stand-up/social commentary erm.. thing (?) – and that thing works well. He and his pre-recorded “opponents”  make a mosaic out of various themes, ranging from jazz program in the radio to booking a band, from gig in a marketing company to basketball, from lunch to singing lessons. This chorus of himself is sharp, catching the essence of  clichés and making them alive through a lot of repetition and, seemingly, no effort. Deadpan humor of this project is strictly for the locals because of the certain cultural context, surrounding the themes. The title of the project, loosely meaning “festive wedding cake“,  is just as random.  His approach of not being too serious, with some auto-irony, is  hilarious and really welcome.

After some random wandering and listening to the set of SYNTHOULSIZER, which by the way was truly engaging, showcase of AGHARTA began.


I’ve already mentioned that tales of OBŠRR are close to a stone I use instead of a heart, so I was very curious, how this project will sound like, because last time, in VELNIOP, the performance seemed to be more on the mediocre side. And my hopes were not shattered, because the set was sincere and interesting. Even though most of it was partly heard before – either during a concert or on the tape –  but it was rearranged into sharper, darker, more solid concentrate. I like the structure – moving from songs to noisy end. Can’t wait to hear, where OBŠRR will go from that.

FLESH FLASH promised a new programme, but it seemed, that one more time they just tried to say the same as always, just in different words. I can’t say, that their story is not interesting – but after the xth time, you just stop caring that much. Their music would make  powerful soundtracks, because of the quality and the atmosphere – yet still, something is missing there.

Last time in Lithuania Swedish guys NATTEN were superb. In the beginning of their set in SUPYNĖS, they were not as good as I remember, partly because of some technical problems. But they managed to work around it, and  the instrumental flow started in full range, bringing in the darkish spatial pulsation.  Their power is in strong identity – coming through sound, videos, live shows, even attitude before the concert. Nice touch this time was having that +1 song for the end, when the audience asks for more:)

CUT HANDS was the reason and the answer. Chopped tribal rhythm and unquestionable power over the sound, with dancing ladies in the background, which invite Mr. Bennett to dance together. Around the middle of the first piece, people started to gather from everywhere around, mesmerised or moody – but engaged nevertheless. I am pretty sure Mr. Bennett was not expecting to perform in such kind of festival, but he didn’t show – instead, he delivered with all the massive energy, which I know and worship from WHITEHOUSE. After all, he is the reason, why I never became a dancer:)

OORCHACH was performing last – and even though because of the rain and timing there were not that much people to hear it, in a way it worked as an advantage — this project really sounds best with a lot of space around.  Perfect end for great evening.

Overall – if I was at the festival from Friday evening, I would probably try to end my embarrassing existence by doing 3042 sit-ups and then drowning myself in the lake. But since it was one day, with great line-up and people, starting of summer this way gets all the three F’s I can give.


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