Best in Buffet: June-August


There were that series of chewing gum, called “Love is…” which explained that love is in the little things. I start my very own series and call them “Summer is..”, and go to get some cheap beer to a night shop in PJs on 2 am of Tuesday. Ain’t no time like summer.


Some time ago, I was ranting about conceptual art before going to the art fair of Vilnius. And since I am right all the time, that fair sucked big time. Of course one can say, that in a fair you cannot expect the “real” artworks. Which is true. And sad. Because fairs are for selling stuff, – and if they sell shit, what kind of image on art you can get? 95 percent of the works were either things you may find in your grandmothers living room, or something like full size boat, formed as a banana. One piece was a red carpet, on which you went up the stairs. There was a cross made out of screws and wax on a little table. The best artwork I saw was a mosaic of a man with a big flourescentic red penis on his shoulder. Kids these days, huh.

A text  I adore and from which the illustration of this post is made of – Soviet Era Erotic Alphabet Book. We all grew up knowing, that there was no sex in Soviet Union, but apparently papa Stalin was ok with some – AS LONG AS IT WAS EDUCATIONAL.

There was some electronic music in Yugoslavia, too – Dancing Under Socialism pieces.


The thing we worked on now with Agharta was Vilnius Noise Week, which is an awesome event series for those hungry for sounds.

More about it in brand new Agharta webpage. :: More about it in VNW Facebook event

All events:

09.09 :: venue ŠMC skaitykla / 7pm / free :: meeting and discussion by Lithuanian experimental music artists, labels, promoters.

09.11 :: venue TBA / free / presentation :: ”Padington” journal presentation and lost stories of Russian experimental noise thing by Phil Monopolka (Russia), in English

09.11:: venue XI20 / 8 pm / 10Lt // experimental music concert :: ID M THEFT ABLE (USA), PHAERENTZ (Czech rep.), I O I O I (IT), ORIGAMI REPLIKA (Norway), TIESE (LT)

09.12 :: venue Venclovai museum / workshop / 11am / 50 Lt :: Acoustic Laptop workshop by Tore H. Boe (Norway)

09.13 :: venue KABLYS / 9pm / 20 – 30 Lt / party // minimal wave-synthpop :: Felix Kubin (GER), Marburg (Pol), FORGET ME NOTS (LT), AEROBICA (LT), VDTS (Sha:tri:ah, LT)

+ Today we meet in 48 Cechas, where my dear friend Re-Drum does his drony noisy thing.

+ It is a new time and new world, so I added a new intro for CB:)


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