Vilnius Noise Week – come n see


Vilnius Noise Week  gonna be as badass as me and Julia are in the picture above.

Awesome HUGE posters? Check.

Mind blowing line-ups? DOUBLE CHECK

VNW will be full of grace and madness – I am super excited and can’t wait. Starting tomorrow:

09.09 :: venue ŠMC skaitykla / 7pm / free :: meeting and discussion by Lithuanian experimental music artists, labels, promoters.

09.11 :: venue KABLYS / free / presentation :: ”Padington” journal presentation and lost stories of Russian experimental noise thing by Phil Monopolka (Russia), in English

09.11:: venue XI20 / 8 pm / 10Lt // experimental music concert :: ID M THEFT ABLE (USA), I O I O I (IT), ORIGAMI REPLIKA (Norway), TIESE (LT)

09.12 :: venue Venclovai museum / workshop / 11am / 50 Lt :: Acoustic Laptop workshop by Tore H. Boe (Norway)

09.13 :: venue KABLYS / 9pm / 20 – 30 Lt / party // minimal wave-synthpop :: Felix Kubin (GER), Marburg (Pol), FORGET ME NOTS (LT), AEROBICA (LT), VDTS (Sha:tri:ah, LT)


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