Vilnius Noise Week 100×2 : “Kubin Vs The Others”


One (or should I say The) local music blogger Daina D in her review about VNW said that all festival was basically “Kubin vs The Others”.   And she was right – even though other events were crafted with just the same love and care, the last gig on 09-13 was a fucking blast. Performance by FELIX KUBIN was on Friday – but I still have a severe case of kubinhangover. One of the main symptoms include looping “Lightning Strikes” for forever, because even though there was no “Hello” on stage, Kubin stroke this one with such power, that you could not stand still – or stand at all. Jumping is an adequate form of appreciation, when the crowd is so tight you can see the floor wet from the sweat, beer and tears of pleased ladies.

Obviously, it is not only about “Kubin vs The Others”. It is about Kubin himself being The Other, beyond the framework of common music making. He does not do covers, he does his own pieces, who happen to be done by other artists before. He does not “perform” his music, he is his music, pasionately and professionally added and cut, delayed and retouched. Every move on stage is precise, every stop is calculated. Even though the set was made the way you cannot do anything but love it (who would not love a mixture of noisy pop, with intense beats, dancy and ironic, intelligent and sometimes sporting that god-like vibe?) when you think of it, it is just the tip of the iceberg – just check out his page, presenting 20+ years of magical craftsmanship from the man who is actually the reincarnation of Russian космонавт Yuryi Gagarin.

And I know that this is still not me talking – this is the kubinhangover, hopefully wearing off. But as you know a fan when you read her, you know a master when you hear him. Lightning strikes.

Photos by Launagis: 09-11 VNW

Photos by Simonas Rupšys: 09-13 VNW

Photos by Lauryna: 09-13 VNW

Interview by Aleksandras


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