Accidental noise: Sudden Infant


I still get goose bumps when I remember performance of Sudden Infant back in Torun. Was it cold out there? No, it was awesome.

That said, there was no way I could not get his book, “Noise in my Head”. Released by Marhaug, who besides being a noise legend is also doing “Personal Best” zine, is a 164-page paperback full of quality visuals and the feeling of early zines, printed by typewriter. Here you can find an interview with Lanz, and a 6 short stories about him. The concept is somewhat similar to the one of “Personal best” – people talking about people, with little system yet a lot of insight. “Noise in my Head” starts with various artists and promoters talking – first impressions, most important memories, impact he left on the way. At some point you just want to say that hey, the guy is not dead yet, can you please stop praising him, nobody is that perfect.:) And even though stories about ran-over deers are mostly fun, the text closest to introduction is by Drew Daniel who managed to catch the essence of Lanz work in one sentence – “Sudden Infant practices the art of interruption”.

suddenfrontText in the book takes just enough to put you into the context, since the main focus here is on the beautiful visuals. Pictures both from performances and daily life, great collection of posters and album covers, artworks by Lanz, sketches and collages, – you can see both a process of creation and the result, a 20 year journey all in one book.  In one of the pages it was scribbled that “Children have more power”, and in Sudden Infant case you cannot agree more.


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