Copenhagen sound guide (1)


Start of October for me is always filled with nostalgia and happiness – this year a bit extra of each. Even though I am not a big fan of birthdays, I had one. I do not believe in birthdays because I do not believe in aging. I do not age. I’m immoral.

Immortal. I mean immortal.

Also, I left Vilnius for my new life in Denmark. So now I just have to share what I know so far about the lands.


First day I came to Cph this time I hanged out with couchsurfing people. And literally couchsurfed – all evening we drank beers and watched “The New Girl”. Culture-schmulture, eh? Yet still, the next day I went out and around Norrebro (another good thing about Cph – district names end with “BRO”). I think that Norrebro is the coolest district out of all there, and it also has a bunch of nice places to visit.

INSULAMUSIC (recordshop). A tiny recordshop with a good selection of vinyls. I say it like I care about vinyls. I don’t. What I care about is books, and they have some really good ones. I got a nice paperback with selected articles on varied styles – from experimental to texhno to world music. I asked the dude there if they had any zines about music, and they do not. Yet he gave me some pretty nice comic zine-thing (Finnish-Danish artists), so that counts for something.  Also, he said that Posh Isolation has a record shop nearby and they got zines and tapes there.

POSH ISOLATION (label+recordshop). I didn’t find the recordshop, yet it does not matter since I am poor and going there but not getting something would be a torture. At least this is how I comfort myself. I found some cool yard with hens in it, though. Anyway, so far as I see it, Posh Isolation is the best thing that Copenhagen scene has. They do quality releases, they set up gigs, they are so active I do not get how they do it. I do not know how many people are there, but those who are there have numerous projects of their own, and collaborate a lot, and what they do seems awesome.

Spillested Stengade (venue) – haven’t been in this one yet, but on Monday they are having Puce Mary from Posh Isolation and I really want to see her live. We’ll see.

MAYHEM (venue) – looks like my kind of place, is kinda active – will have to check it out soon.

JAZZHOUSE (venue). Went to a gig there in August, good sound system and pretty nice atmosphere, maybe a bit too clean for my taste, but it was good to see about how him scene in Cph is and that people are really involved here. In Novemeber they have Haxan Cloak and Pharmakon, will be fun!

SALON PISSOIR (venue) – seems to organize interesting events, yet to explore more.

DAMIEN DUBROVNIK (project) – project by guys of Posh Isolation. Some interesting interview with them.

CROATIAN AMOR (project) . I looped “Club 408” for forever before I went to Croatia, because it is a brilliant piece, fragile yet harsh at the same time. And now Terror released his 7″ called “Mercure” with “Club 408” in it, and you cam get it at Excerpt:


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