Molly Nilsson@Cph


All the cool kids say that Molly Nilsson is the shit and everybody should come to her gig at least once. I put a lot of her tracks on repeat, which is a common sign that the music is, indeed, the shit, and that I should go to her gig if I got a chance.

So obviously, yesterday it took me around 35 seconds to decide if I should go to her performance in Copenhagen. And so we did, together with members of our local Family.

After the concert, I had conflicting emotions. Usually, I do not – performance is either great, mediocre, or shitty. And anyway, if music brings conflicting emotions, it is a good sign, right?

Well, no, because it was not all about the music. I love her work, she is simple yet precise, and manages to create her own world through deep low vocals, quirky lyrics and dreamy atmosphere.

The source of my indecisiveness about whether or not I liked the concert, sums up to  the draft title version for this post. I wanted to call it “Molly Nilsson: little bitch sunshine?”

It is one thing to go to a concert when you are a part of a local scene, and other – when you are a new kid in town and know nobody.

What does the average newbie, who has no possibility to know about the context of the concert, knows after the gig? Here is a small list for you:

– Organizers didn’t provide free drinks for the artist (why else she would say “Can I get a beer? I will pay for it” on stage?)

– Artist prefer that the audience members do not use any mobile devices during her performance (why else would she start a tiny rant/dialogue with someone who was apparently texting during the concert?)

– Artist is just too cool for encore

It is not that I do not get it. Maybe she’s tired, maybe she’s sick, maybe she’s unhappy because organizers fucked something up. Maybe those two small speakers were not what she expected when the venue said that “adequate sound system will be provided”. Maybe this is a part of the whole “mysterious synth-pop performer” deal. And yes, it is not nice to see that people are not listening to you while you are performing, and texting instead.  

But you know what is not cool? Being a dick.

And by that I mean being a dick to all the people who came to listen to her. It was like what, 60-70 people in the venue? Some of which, of course, were texting, and some were talking, and some were bored, and some were drunk, and some were taking photos just in front of me for like 10 minutes for fuck’s sake can’t they just take their heads out of their asses and get a life outside of their phones for just like a second JESUS.  Yet still, a bunch of fans came – and she didn’t even bothered to come back to do encore. For 6 years I go to gigs pretty frequently, that was the first time when the artist was just too cool for that. So like, really, wow. Good luck with this kind of attitude. (And yes – I know that she does pretty well without my blessings, thank you).

Other than that – the concert was good. But I would prefer that yesterday I didn’t come 40 kilometers just to see her – so I could enjoy great music she creates without any negative associations.

Picture via MN soundcloud:


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