Empire strikes back: art of not giving a fuck

I know very little about Ukraine. It is a country where my mother have spend her summers, eating watermellons and hanging out with her cousins. It is a country where traveling by trains is cheap, and people are sweet and sincere.

It is a country which I hope will not become a second Poland.

September the first, 1939. First of March, 2014.

I wonder, did Lithuanians think that it is the start of the second world war, when they heard about Poland or Czechoslovakia?

Excuses are the same as it was during occupation of Sudetenland in 1939: 

“I am simply demanding that the oppression of three and a half million Germans in Czechoslovakia cease and that the inalienable right to self-determination take its place.” – A. Hitler, 1938

“In connection with the extraordinary situation in Ukraine, the threat to the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation, our compatriots, and the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory (in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) … I submit a proposal on using the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine until the normalisation of the socio-political situation in the that country,” – V. Putin, 2014

Dictators have a thing for March. Let’s repeat stuff!

Question of the day: is it really necessary to kill millions of peaceful citizens, just to see who has a bigger dick? Because war is about that – seeing who is stronger and who is faster and who is going to be the king of the pond. It is hard to care about your “interests” being defended when you are, say, killed by during a bombing.

The feeling of helplessness is in Lithuanian blood. 50 years of Soviet occupation was fun, it gave us mentality of a victim with a complex of Napoleon. Because you know, once we were the biggest country in Europe. From the Baltic sea to the Black sea. We had the biggest dick, we were the one who knocks.

Even with 24 years of independence, the helpnessness is still there. Is there anything I can actually do? Facebook “activism”? Going back to Lithuania and waiting til Putin will remember that there are some Russians in the Baltics, so he can protect their rights, too? Simply waiting and following the news, so I knew exactly when my friends and family are in danger of yet another occupation?

Because you know, why stop at Ukraine.  Putin does not give a fuck anymore.

Last time Lithuania had a gap between two occupations was 1918 – 1940. 22 years of democratic-ish republic.

Independence was restored in 1990. It is already 24 years. It is not enough to build a new mentality and get rid of victim syndrome, but it is a start.

I have zero nostalgia for Soviet times. I am a spoiled lovechild of internet and sitcoms.

I know that democracy can be flawed, and I am sure that it is the best system out of all.

Because I can criticize democracy when it is flawed. When my grandgrandparents were not “equal” enough during Soviet regime, they were send to vacation in Siberia. Grandgrandma had a newborn there. Try to raise a baby working full time cutting trees, when your man dies and you have a couple of more kids. And it is -20 most of the time.

When it is -20, I want to go to Sardinia, not to a labor camp. And I want all the others have the same possibility.

+Interesting article about the weakness of modern democracy


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