Pretending to have life? Go to your local quadruple release party!


Going to Copenhagen from my sealand miniscule world is a lot like trips to town X back when I was 16. Full of hope, with a bottle in each hand, trying to drink 4 before the concert starts.

This gig served the purpose of creating the distance between work and play. It is very inconvenient that you have to stop working sometimes so you prevented a mental breakdown in the future. Not that I plan to have one, but I was told that this is what happens when you do not do anything apart work. They say that sleep and cats are not legit hobbies, and “I see Sweden over the sea each time I go to the office” does not count as traveling.  But I have my jobs so it is the perfect life. Let’s toast on it with some champagne:

The other day we talked with the Dude about minimalism and consumerism. I was, as always, giving my “One bag is enough to move to the country because all the needs we have are mostly made-up” speech. Then I was giving the “I have no problem with people who have things which they use but if you have stuff you do not use you suck” speech. Then I was giving the “The less you have, the more you appreciate, and anyway the only thing that matters is people around you” speech. And of course we couldn’t do without “I found out that my main value in life is being able to build things and move when I need to, and I have built my life around this value all – I have now is ability to learn, build systems and one bag”.

Then we were talking that we buy things to fill the void inside. The black hole which cannot ever be fulfilled, the reason which pushes you forward and holds back at the same time. The more you own, the slower you move. The less you have, the more you try to achieve. We all have that need for perfection and fulfillement.

I work all the time because I am mostly dead inside and there are less than 4 things that excite me outside from work. I learn all the time because I need to fill my void of never feeling good enough. I move around because I need to find some meaning in world where one psycho can decide to kill people because of ambition, where populism wins over reason, where we put stuff around us and hope that stuff will suddenly make us happy.

All people want is to be happy, they do want things they like happen to them, and do not want things they do not like happen to them. Once you figure out, what floats your boat, do that stuff. And if it really convincing, I will respect your belief.

Yesterday, three things convinced me. I listened to a pitch by dude who wants to build a learning platform which embraces talent in developing countries. Now I want to be a part of his project. Then I hanged out with the type of people who mention being vegetarian in the first conversation. Usually it is a red flag, but they saved it up by saing that basically it is because of GMO. Then I listened to projects which create sound which becomes a legit reason to leave home.

HAND OF DUST was a pleasant surprise. Most of Danish guitar bands seem to follow ICEAGE rulebook, introducing offbeat-towards-drama vocals to their overall happy punkrock. HAND OF DUST on stage brought a more firm approach – it was a vivid punkish neofolk with strong focus on lyrics and flawless delivery:

CROATIAN AMOR vizualized the performance by a shirtless lean dude who was eating apples and touching himself. For all I know, there should be more shirtless lean dudes touching themselves on experimental stages all over the world. Even sans apples. But as a firm believer of structures, I wish there was a clearer culmination to his fling with himself. Yesterday he was robbing the audience of an exciting aftershow story to tell friends who were not there. And since at some point it was clear that nothing of significance will happen visually, it was possible to focus on sounds. And boy, was it a feast. Rich and atmospheric begining developed into beatloops, which I claimed to be downtempo eurodance on noise. This is a terrible analogy. That was an amazing performance.

There is no ending to this post, so I recommend you to read about Oriana Fallaci or walk the dog now.


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