Receptions are tea: Moon Moon perspective


At the moment, I am so deep behind the deadline for my writing job that I reached the stage when you just do just about anything but actual work.

In order to avoid doing any writing, in these past days I:

a) Biked to another town “To get my stuff” from my beloved hojschole. It was more than 30 km because well, I have time to get lost in weird towns and drink tea with people. And as we all know TEA DOESN’T MAKE SENSE IT IS JUST DARK WATER

b) Took any occasion to go out for a run with the Doge because now apparently I jog too

c) For 6 hours straight play that online game when you have to put together 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s until you reach 2000something. 6 hours a day.

d) Spend 2 hours cleaning the room and the house (and volunteer to clean any cluttered cupboard that reaches my sight)

4) Dedicate a lot of time to learn more about irrational behavior with A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior (which is actually a very cool course- try it)

5) And of course, re-do AGHARTA‘s webpage because it sucked (and also, my Bro from NGO job found a badass template which I stole and will use everywhere from now on).  Also, Arma arranged an awesome fest – SOTU Vilnius, check it out. NATTEN will play again as well as syth horror UMBERTO.

6) Volunteer to do any work needed in my current cool NGO job (prepare a reception? YES Proofread the project? YES –  with condition that it takes about 8 hours of my time! make “How-to” guides about how to use Google Drive? SURE THING)

Speaking of receptions. If there are like 7 things I actually enjoy doing, and another 12 I happily tolerate, receptions are not even close to the end of top 100 list of things I do, and doubt if it will ever be.


Receptions is the tea of communication – it doesn’t make sense and it is boring. Also, I am the Moon Moon of networking.

I always get confused when people ask me things in receptions. It is because when they ask something, I assume they actually mean the question. And then I try to answer that question. This is how it works, right? NO. Each time I am all like “Damnit, AGAIN?”

Question: “So, how is it living in a host family, is it different from your own family?” I want to tell them the story of how the Dude and the Kid and the Doge and Cats is not the most usual family model and also I have my own entrance and stuff and it’s cool. And that I was out of my parents pretty early, and that blood family is overall overrated, and there are deeper connections than that. And that there is no difference between modern families in Litauen and Danmark because DID YOU HEAR ABOUT INTERNET WHAT YEAR IS IT JESUS. And then all of that flies through my head and I start explaining all of that for 5 minutes gibberish-esque manner. Because this is the truth and also it covers the complexity of the question.

All  they want to hear is simple: “Yes, it is nice living with host family. I like Denmark, and it is also nice living in Lithuania. Lithuania is a nice country as well as Denmark, and people are nice in both countries”.

Maybe add a little joke to brighten the mood. “I like Denmark because of all the mountains” hahah.

THIS IS COMMUNICATING THE MESSAGE. All those other things are Moon Moon.

Another thing about receptions and being older than 14 years old overall is that we all have to pretend to be adults.

With Dude another day we talk about tangerine juice for 4 minutes and all the time I wonder: is this a real conversation or are we pretending to have a conversation about tangerine juice for 4 minutes because it is hilarious to keep a straight face talking about tangerine juice for that long?

The Dude is, indeed, an adult. That makes my laughter in the end of those 4 minutes ultimate Moon Moon.

I wonder if I will ever want to actually have a real life when we all eat dinners in bowties and discuss family situations in comparison to other family situations.

And then on the other hand, fuck it. You know what is interesting? Somalia. Kenya. Ghana. Spending next winter to have a somewhat real opinion of Africa seems like a new best plan, because there is no dreams, only plans.

Because it is boring to be theoreticaly correct and in reality oblivious, saying that all everyone need is education – but maybe they need some food first. Because when my Fake Husband points our that Lithuanian president is afraid of Putin and cannot do anything about it and therefore democracy in Eastern Europe is a failure, I shout back “At least we have democracy, Kenya!”. I have no idea about Kenyan political system. But in my head, it is safe to assume.

Assumptions are tea – no sense, no texture, no depth, only clear pretentiousness.

I don’t know what’s up with me and tea. I really need things to make sense.


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