Cleaning spree, I should buy a boat


The other day, with New Best BFF we were hanging out in Helsingor bar, a place you wish was down the street near your house, so you could spend there every evening, chatting and drinking, chatting and shouting, chatting and dancing on the tables – that perfect place. Only questionable element in is that you got to ride 10 kilometers to reach it. Country life, am I right.

We were talking, once more, about life and stuff. What else. Everyone can become a 15-year old philosopher once faced with 20 crown beer.

There is nothing more curious than see other people in yourself. And see past version of yourself if other people. There are those switch moments – you are at the same position they were couple of years ago, and they were in the same position as you were some time back, too. And the decisions you made turned you into a totally different people, even if you faced the same situations, over and over again.

Getting on a deeper level with new people makes you reinvent yourself. Build your own legend. Each time you retell the tale, and try to find the real version. Was I a happy child. Why did I actually left home early. Was lack of empathy always there, or is it a result. Is “I’m a fucked up mess” an act of a teenage rebel, or is it a real thing, which is here now because of reasons. Everyone is a depressed alcoholic with childhood trauma, warming their place somewhere on Asperger’s specter.

Recently, I started to clean everything obsessively. The room, the kitchen, the office, the mind. Throw away or hide anything you do not use. Get rid of any character trait which is there just because it was there always, but which does not give you anything valuable. Throw away the sculptures of Indian gods. Do not have any conversations which are about past weekend. Avoid interactions which drain you. It’s springtime cleanse.

On a way to Helsingor, we saw a bunch of fisherman houses, facing the sea. Two meters, and you can go for a swim. It was a first place where I really wanted to live, after some years of searching. 20 square meters, a window, a porch, the sea.

All you need is a boat.

This is amazing – about spying and theremins. This makes you have emotions. This is useful.


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