Chasing perfect stick


Doge has very simple view on life. While strolling the forest, he is in search for the perfect stick. His taste is the same every time. It takes time to understand the preference.

Each time he finds that perfect stick, he does not let it go for some time. He enjoys it, he shows it off. He shares it, he gives it for me so I could throw it for him. And if he loses it, he seeks for another perfect stick. There is always more – it’s freaking forest, after all.

At the end of the day, the only thing that he truly cares about is the chase.

Every time we take the walk, we find that perfect stick. A bunch of different versions of it. They may be slightly different, but they have the same traits, attributes Doge care about and value the most.

But the happiness is not in the stick: it is in finding the perfect one, then chasing it til it gets worn out, then looking for another thrill.

Some may say that Doge is a shallow coquette who only cares about one thing.

Some may say that Doge knows what he wants, makes himself happy, shares that happiness and then moves on.

Some may ask if Doge ever finds the perfect stick which he wants to keep and bring home.

All of them are wrong as fuck because this story is about dog who does not get the concept of “Fetch”, not about varied approaches towards casual relationships.


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