Past continuous, present simple


Every time, when I start to relapse towards the past continuous and drilling myself for being a robot, I go to local funhouses to brighten the mood.

In any other place it would be a bar, obviously; in Humlebaek it is Lousiana. Fancy having one of the biggest art museums of Denmark 2 minutes from your home.

Right now they have an amazing collection of Arab Contemporary, complimenting architecture, history, Arab spring and girl with a blue bra.

Credit: Jeff Danziger

As any ignorant westerner who obsesses about revolutions only when they impact them directly, I didn’t know anything about Girl with A Blue Bra. So quick back story: during one of the protests, riot police guys beat and kick a protester and drags her until her clothes open and blue bra starts to show. She is still wearing a head scarf, which makes it a pretty badass superhero outfit:

This picture and some of other fan art from the event was a part of exhibition in Lousiana. Once again, it made me thing of modern mythology – how it is created and how it lives. Even though the girl stayed anonymous (and hopefully, alive) she is now a part of the modern revolutionary myth. From unexpected victim becoming a praised hero, a symbol of resistance against all the “values” the system represent.

Retelling her story via graffiti or news, blog posts or art exhibitions in Denmark, we all make the myth alive and contribute to the values the symbol represent. And even though the pain of being stomped with heavy shoes cannot be shared, it can be prevented by sharing the message and doing whatever is in your power – may it be writing, drawing or pushing laws.

Not everyone is standing on the streets, but anyone can raise awareness about fucked up stuff – and let others know, that stuff is, indeed, fucked up. Not everyone can become a hero, but everyone can share the myth. Not everyone can learn how to make Molotovs (and no-one should) – but everyone can teach themselves to be a decent human.

Cheers to that with Bahia Shehab:

No to continuing the past, yes to simplifying the future.

++ Cool stuff from Seth Godin about education

++ Democracy in Trouble by the Economist


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