Best in Buffet: February-June

Second part of Denmark is coming to an end; I celebrate by spending evenings near the sea, watching the ridiculously peaceful postcard of white sails, black coasts and moon size of a baby Death Star.

On May 11th,  TONSTARTSSBANDHT and Jerry Paper come along to do a gig in Jazzhouse.

So, for a couple of weeks, the new best artist was Jerry Paper:


After the gig, for at least a couple of days Jerry Paper was on repeat forever, especially the cult favourite “Reprogram ourselves”:

His sounds just strike the chord. Getting lost in a beach, when it’s already dark, and you have no home to come back to. Sitting on a bench in a semi busy street, watching people and hoping that those swans will not harrass you (anymore). Lighting up the cigarette at the moment when it starts raining.

His music is close to whatever lucks or misfortunes your neighbor millenial can have. It’s soothing, it’s real, it’s there. Simple beats,  smooth melody and catchy vocal. Your average formula for a great gig:

What else happens in Denmark these days? 
All experimental/impro events are now all in one place

Pitchfork presents the scene

– Lust for Youth conquers the States 

Loke Rahbek makes another excellent interview 



Always up for seeing just another gorey version of an alphabet? Here you go!

Overall interesting stuff:
Nordic LARP and social inclusion 
North Korea presented by stick figures
Making a legend out of Larry Page 
Somali in Europe and life stories

– And of course, Ian Bremmer (my new crush):

For the end – brand new video from he Knife:


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