STRCAMP: young, fresh and hungry


STRCAMP is a fresh drop of alternative into the pool of semi-innovative and pseudo-conceptual. It’s a mid-July feast for young and hungry, for the new wave of knowledgeable and interested listeners, who want to be surprised and wet in the rain under the rising STRC sun.

With a perspective that a month gives, I still feel the warm joy of spending a couple of days in an old camping place in the middle of two picturesque lakes. From the greetings by incredibly sweet security guys who were sporting that “cool uncle” vibe to the very last song of PARANDA POLAR, when we were dancing barefoot to cumbia in the rain under rainbows – from A to Z, everything was just right:

The concept. Festival happens for the second time and keeps its idea in line. Both festivals emerged in abandoned youth camps, with lo-fi atmosphere as a given, when you are in between town and nature, between community and self-reflection. It is easy to find your place when it all is just for a handful of people – and that’s the thing that made STRC special.

The program. STRC team doesn’t play around when it comes to music. Even if I was not into all the stuff that was performed, you could easily hear that someone in the team digs the artist, and you know why. The whole variety of acts was well-balanced and tastefully diverse. It is all connected by quality in between post punk, industrial and disco you can care about and dance to.

The audience. One of the best things that STRC team has is its people. That could be seen in both preparty and afterparty of the festival (and other events they organized in between the festivals). Driven urban event lovers, who have already been to places, and knows what’s up, so they appreciate and understand when it is time to go crazy, and when to stand still enjoying the night magic of lute.

Soundwise, the ultimate favourite was without doubt Утро.  Утро has the angst of a young revolutionary, channelled through dark postpunk. Their music catch the essence of autumn, full of storms and just enough sunshine to think that maybe there will be happy times. Someday. Cannot stand still, cannot stop smiling – it’s music for being present and feeling alive.

Other highlights in no particular order:

Jozef van Wissem. An hour of silence for calming down before Wissem’s performance helped to prepare yourself for a journey. Soft and fragile lute, inviting to take a moment and forget all but the beauty of simplicity and respect for mastery.

Agency Amore. Two part performance, first part more for listening, second one, when the singer joined, put a lot of people straight to the dance(field). Really easy and fun listening. Slight minus was the magician ( :) ) taking away the attention from the performance, which was quite inconsiderate of him.

Neugeborene Nachtmusik. After listening, I was sure I loved it, but now the music itself faded from the memory – what’s left is the visual power of the performance with smoke and rain dancing to industrial.

El Último Vecino is a band you want to introduce to your grandmother as your best friends from the summer camp. Nothing but sincerity, catchy tunes and happiness:

And for the very end – song that made Sunday even better than it was:


Photos from Launagis&Živilė


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