Best in Buffet: summer-autumn


You know what was fun? SOTU Lithuania festival in September. It is made out of Netherlandish concept on the backbone of Vilnius Noise Week, and went on for couple of weeks, which is basically forever in festival years, which is like dog years but includes more alcohol.

Although it was overall truly inspiring, musically the most important discovery was BATAIJL from Berlin (noise/intense/mayhem):


Speaking of festivals, in the begining of August I’ve been in a local Lithuanian noise-grindcore jewel ONT GRINDŲ. In Samogitian, “Ont Grindų” means “On the floor”, and it is smart because there is “Grind” in it. Gettit.

It is a festival of heavy drinking, good people and swimming naked in a small river at night while adoring the boobs of your peers. It is  festival where you listen to power electronics which takes a turn to hardstyle. Event where a DJ wears nothing but an apron and cowboy’s hat, playing old tapes while a bunch of serious people dances like it’s hot. Gig where the drummer throws his plates to the singer because he said something indecent about a certain mother. In other words, it’s a fucking blast.


Here is me in my cat dress because all my band t-shirts are non-existant


We went to SATTA OUTSIDE as well, because DIRTY BEACHES was playing and I love his music dearly since that time when I tried to book him for door money even though he already had a real agent. But I booked Tonstartssbandht instead so it is all good.

What was not good, was Satta Outside. It was the Beckett of festivals – so absurd it is somehow fun. No organization, people not getting paid,  half of the performers not coming because THEY DID NOT PICK UP HEADLINERS AT THE AIRPORT. Let that sink in for a moment:)

As for Dirty Beaches, he already moved on from being that dreamy hero of nostalgia he was before – which was upsetting, because I couldn’t relate to any of those these trance’y loops he was sporting at the main stage. So basically, the festival was fun because of all the wrong things:)


October was marked with a performance by DALIDA, a French trio who make you hate them because of repetition, and the hug them because of awesome. They are technical, clear and clean, taking this whole noise thing into the instrumental dimension. Take a peak:


Couple of years ago, festival The Machine Started to Flow into a Vein was all the rage. Even though I stumbled with form and style, the message I was sending was clear: best music is the one which does not make compromise. We went to Anykščiai this year to check if that was still true.

Overal, nothing to complain about. Great venue (listening to experimental while sitting comfortably is something you can get used to). Great people. Great vibe. But you know that something might be missing if from all the lineup, the most memorable thing proved to be 10 minutes of McKenzie talking (! I don’t know, I could listen to him forever) and industrial laptop-made disco by CoH.


Since all the love songs make sense now, I listen to 5-hour discussion between Boyd Rice and Bob Larson, because Christianity is all about love. Reason against supernatural, asking for fairness vs asking for money. Ultimate fun!


Other cool stuff:

Other cool stuff in Lithuanian:

And for the end – a movie I would definitely watch:


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