Musicx back: sound therapy session


Last year, after some mediocre gig I organized I drank a big ol glass of FUCKITALL and started avoiding music altogether. Music was always something that pushed me further during weird times, it inspired me to move on, change everything and be deeply interested. And then at some point I just understood that it doesn’t give me joy anymore. Like, any type of music. Noise doesn’t ensure my rage is out. Ambient doesn’t calm me down. Weird lo-fi experiments do not leave me highly entertained/impressed/disgusted. And then there was this void I filled with League of Legends.

But then, after settling in Bronze III, I understood that gaming is in my heart, but not my soul. Also, I am terrible at it.

And now I want to get my music back.

Therapy includes going to gigs and festivals and not getting fucked up too much and just listening to music and trying to get into that mindflow where music brings you to another dimension and just enjoy the ride.

Simple plan for simple lady.

So last weekend we went to a smaller edition/remake of one of the most interesting festivals in Lithuania, which wanted to stay tiny and cozy. The event name is ASAP and it was, indeed, tiny and cozy. No security, two stages, 20+ performances and chill atmosphere – this is all that was necessary for a great 2 day trip.


The place. Event happened in a countryside, in someone’s farm. Stage build from a burned down barn, with rusty cars offering their broken light. Postapocalyptic vibe and creativity. Atmospheric lighting of the whole territory and just the right amount of everything.


Die soundz. Disclaimer: I was looking only towards the main stage. The eclectic programming is a strong and a weak spot for the festival. On the one hand you have a wide selection of different and interesting performances. On the other hand, the acts are not different enough, compared to STRC jumps from Wissem to Italian pop-funk to Russian post-punk to cumbia. So the sum total of the event is that we have a variety of not so different stuff unified under lo-fi experimental flag. Some of them were my cup of tea, some not really.

Here are the highlights:

LIGHTBRINGER [MARCELO AGUIRRE]. A shamanic drumming with somewhat Antichrist-ish motives, dark trippy vocals and plain old intense outer-worldly energy. Both entertaining to listen and fun to watch.

A MEMORY GOES INTO OBLIVION [BLACK SHEEP TOUR]. Loops on loops of loops of noise. Such a layered noise performance spiced up with instrumental guidance! Also, this collective had a 5-year old on a trumpet so that’s definitely something. The good kind of noisy monotony.

ARMA AGHARTA. I have seen like a bazillion of his performances and  I got to say that this was one of the best ones since he moved to performative-artsy direction. Same energy as it was during the noise period of Bruzgynai, but with added value from creepy dolls and well structured sound madness made with toy instruments and found objects.

AWOTT. This is a party music for your trip to the abandoned psych ward in the middle of Uzbekistan. Psychodelic beats with a witch on the vocals, sax for the drama and drums for the dance. Great experience on every level.

ASAP was a festival after which I wanted to start listening more, to talk more, to write more and in general, be more. Good start of a new year of music.







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