Susikirtimai: Hop on the loopy rain



“Empty chairs at empty tables, empty chairs at empty tables“, – yesterday chanted I, a person who should have known better than to come to an event on time. A certain unnecessarily intimate atmosphere surrounds you when you are one of the first people at the gig. When the lights are still on and you have to pretend that you are super busy watching that wall. Yes that was a beautiful wall.


Shut up, Donald.

So I went to this gig which attracted my because 1. There was a pun in the title 2. The line-up was dark enough but not a straight-up spiritual journey.

SALA was never really my favorite Lithuanian projects but maybe I just needed to get old and sober?

The sound of the project is detailed and delicate and inviting for appreciation. Effortlessly they twist and tangle drone and dark ambient, guitar and electronics, field recordings and samples from television. They play the type of music that every new dark experimental artist aspires to – with variety of carefully crafted genres and vibes. SALA sound flows in a harmony between 3 musicians, tech and nature, live performance and the environment surrounding it. Definitely a surprise for me.

A recording that doesn’t show all the weight of the sound:


Well this was a treat! Rocknroll industrial on top of weird-ass video collage. While in general fun and light-hearted, it’s asynchronous beats brought something sinister and slightly darker out. Not necessarily a life changing gig, but really a good time.


These guys were supposed to be my favorite due to the rumor that they make instrumental dancy dark post-whatever. And then I had trouble staying to listen to their last song because their sound brought out anxiety and cringy bitchiness of all things. I mean if that was their goal then they actually did a perfect job (no irony here). Maybe their idea was to hit listeners with a loud destructive wall of dirty sound. I am in to way against noise – but that felt like it was not it. Memorable, not yet sure in which way.


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