Intro for February, 2014

CIRCA BUFFET is about interesting stuff.

I might write posts about memes and postmodern mythologygay porn and meaning of printed wordcultural capitals in Europe and Lithuaniapost-soviet mentality and fucked up Serbian movies or fairy tales as a form of non-formal education. I write a lot of texts about experimental music. Such as sound guide of Copenhagen or short summary about SPEIGAS festival and best artists in Lithuania.

Above all forms of music I prefer live performances of experimental music. Experimental music is everything in between radical: radical silence and radical noise. Usually minus guitars and drums, but not necessarily. Some artists make their own instruments, or uses found objects – both is perfect for me. Best performances take around 30 minutes. Better short and strong than too long and lost.

What I consider experimental music, is closely related to industrial music. Genre-wise it would be ambient, dark ambient, noise, power electronics, sound art, musique concrete, improv, shitcore and more. Any genre can have experimental dimension in it. Experimental is not about the genres, it is about the approach towards music creation. There are no good genres or bad genres, there are shitty performances or great performances. Perfect experimental music will have a spirit of their creator, distilled through sounds and noises of their choice.

Any approach to music is fine and has its own time. Sometimes it is good to mosh. Sometimes it is good to hit people. Sometimes it is good to go on stage. Sometimes it is good to show dicks. Sometimes it is good to just sit and meditate. Sometimes it’s ok plainly stand there. Sometimes it is ok to go out and talk all night with people without listening at all.

Anything you do is a fair game, do whatever that turns you on. Find you thing and do your thing. Don’t do things which other people do not like you doing to them.

I like stuff which has vocals and narrative in it, preferably performed by bald bearded men. Vocals with too much effects usually is not a good idea. Stuff performed on laptops and also free improvisation is mostly boring. Sounds for the sake of sounds is ok, but having a concept is always better. Unless it is conceptual contemporary art – conceptual contemporary art is mostly shit and should be set on fire.

I tend to write rants when I feel that people are ignorant. I get pissed off when audience does not know the context of the music, or when the performer acts arrogant and does not care about the listeners. I believe firmly in innovative idea that reviewers should use their brains before they write anything. Zines as Special interests and Terror are examples to look up to in talking about music.

Everything in life is simple.

You can make it either more complex, or more complicated.

Always choose for yourself.

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