Intro for 2013

Intro for August, 2013

There are something like 5 things I believe in:

I believe in education. There is no other thing you can give to a person, which would be as powerful as ability to read, to write, to speak – and critical thinking on top of that. Education has nothing to do with universities or any other rotten systems – I am talking about peer-to-peer approach, about individual learning and taking inspiration out of everything you see, hear, smell, meet, do.

I believe in circulating energy. If I was into all the hippie crap, I would call it karma. Since I am not, I just say “What goes around, comes around”. Be good, and good will come for you. Try do as less harm as possible, and no harm will come to you. Be open, and others will be open. Simple as that.

I believe in decisions. If a person does something, I assume she is responsible for the consequences. If a person says something, I assume it is true, at least on some level. If a person decides something, I assume that this decision was the best option out of others. Free will and responsibility of actions is what I expect – your decisions can be very far from my beliefs, but if you know what you are doing, I can respect and support it. Everything is a matter of agreement.

I believe in balance. Balance in my life is the only thing I really seek and need. I believe, that disharmony comes from too much emotions, and emotions is a thing, channeled to other people. That is why I worked hard to have as little emotions as possible. I do have feelings though – I feel happy, but I am never guilty. I feel angry, but I am not jealous. People have social, physical, emotional needs, and if those needs are fulfilled, they are happy. It is ok to have needs, it is not ok to be a needy self-centered asshole. Harmony comes from going with the flow, and avoiding non-essential things.

I believe in minimalism. There are very little things a person really needs to be happy, and none of them are about owning stuff. Things which matter most are time, experiences and people. Money is a tool to get where you want to be faster. Food is a tool to keep yourself going. You need clothes not to be cold, and you need a hot shower not to feel shitty. And that is it – everything else is just things which do not really matter, they are there, but everything can easily be replaced. When you have less, you appreciate more, you share more easily, and you get more back.

And most important – just shut the fuck up and do your thing.


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