Intro from 2012

CIRCA is as in around, as in a circle. All of us circulate in the same pot of bullshit, dying to get some attention, to create the perfect image of ourselves, pretend we are funny as fuck and happy as we could shit rainbows. Oh and we do – setting our better selves free when diving in our social circles, sharing our genius insights and contemplating the meaning of everything. Hint – there is none. The only value in your life is the one you create yourself. So stop pretending and start sorting your shit out. No one cares about you, so do your stuff and stop complaining. Leave only truly important people in your circles. Others are just potential partners-in-crime or potential enemies. Choose wisely.

BUFFET is that cozy white trash place where all kind of things can happen. Wide variety of drinks there makes you softer and nicer. You try to understand people, you try to like them. You talk about your problems and pretend listening to strangers. But overall, other people are just a medium through which you talk to yourself. You need to let that inner monologue out so you just could find inner peace. Harmony is the only thing worth seeking. Not riches, not perfect relations, not fulfillment of ambition. Nobody else is responsible for you – there is only you. You will always be alone. But you can seek your harmony through others.

CIRCA BUFFET’s purpose is to go around all kinds of neighborhood buffets and have a taste of every cultural cocktail they can offer. From reports from noise/power electronics/dark ambient concerts/festivals in Lithuania and around, to interviews with various performers/musicians/artists to reviews of B and batshitcrazy movies, inspiring albums and valuable zines.

I do not care if it is ultra high-brow or totally DIY, lo-fi or HD. When I find something appealing, I write about it. All subjective, since objectivity doesn’t exist. All interesting in one or another way, since there are no good or bad things, only interesting or not.


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