Worth Visiting


Lithuanian alternatives:

AGHARTA. Lithuanian cassette label/promoter/organizer team, which does more than 30 experimental events a year, including postindustrial electronic music festival SPEIGAS on February,  Vilnius noise week  in September and various event series.

If you are making brilliant soundscapes and plan to tour in Eastern Europe, or if you are a promoter/organizer and want to collaborate in any way possible, contact us!

TERROR. Lithuanian noise/power electronics oriented label, distro and zine. Some of Terror releases online and for free.

SIGGNAL. Great insights from one of the frontmen of the local scene. Interviews and raports in rich Lithuanian language.

DANGUS. Probably the oldest Lithuanian label for postindustrial, post folk, folk, electronic, metal music. Also, an active event organizer, responsible for the biggest and, for me, most interesting Lithuanian festival, Mėnuo Juodaragis.

VILNIUS HARDCORE. Active space of hardcore/punk scene in Lithuania.

Danish alternatives: Copenhagen sound guide (part 1)


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